Sponsorships and Donations

Each year we receive numerous requests for sponsorship, raffles, auction items, advertising or display space.

Due to the ever rising number of requests, Cherry Lane Shopping Centre has a standardized process that asks for detailed information to help us make the best possible decision regarding your request.

How to apply

We ask that you submit a letter on corporate letterhead describing your organization, if you are a non-profit organization, along with what sort of donation you are looking for. Each properly completed request is evaluated against Cherry Lane Shopping Centre’s total funds available, our criteria and the overall compatibility to our objectives.

Please submit your letter of request at least 90 days before your event or required deadline.

Preference Is Given To Organizations That:

  • Are a registered non-profit society/organization who demonstrate community support and involvement
  • Directly serve the communities of Penticton and the surrounding South Okanagan area
  • Have measureable impacts and achievements
  • Are a community based long-standing event

The Following Are Not Eligible For Support:

  • Advertising opportunities in brochures
  • Programs and magazines
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Third parties, or commercial solicitors who are raising funds for a charity
  • Telephone/Email requests
  • Personal Fundraising
  • For the purpose of any religious or political promoting
  • Any organization, events, projects outside or originating outside of British Columbia
  • Travel for individuals or groups